In Memory Of:
- Margaret Lydon
- James Toy
- Ann Downer-Hazell
- Audrey Hogan
- Eva Melanson
- Diane Louise Norton
- Lady Z
- Betty O'Connell
- Paul Thibodeau
- Paul Dussault
- More

We have found that by being present and through the practice of active listening families ask questions they would not otherwise ask.  Some want to know worst-case scenarios. Many want to know what it is like to die and how it will be for them. Of course some of these questions do not have answers. But by relating to families and sharing stories of how other families have coped, by understanding the unique dynamics of a family, and by connecting them to appropriate resources, Compassionate Care ALS provides a different kind of service.  We fill a vital niche for those challenged by ALS in ways that are not aptly handled through faceless documents.

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“I will not forget your compassion and caring. Because you had gone through it with many other families, you knew of our pain. You were always ready to help. I remember, towards the end, I called you to ask how much longer would she have to live. You came to the house, evaluated Brenda’s condition, and helped me prepare for her death.”
- Russ Cisek, spouse of ALS patient

CCALS has provided services, support, durable goods and educational workshops to clients, their families and caregivers in the following shaded states:

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