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Over the years, one of the ways that we have supported ALS families is by providing them with equipment on an as-needed basis to help ease daily life around the house. CCALS has used our 10 years of experience working with ALS families to put together a collection of the best non-institutional resources that help bring dignity to those living with ALS. Our new Medicine Bag is given to all new CCALS families and contains products like Gait Belts and Transfer Slings, that help patients stand and transfer from one space to another, and Pivot Disks, on which the patient stands to move from one location to the next when they can no longer move their legs. It also includes inspirational books and CDs that we have found beneficial. The Medicine Bag contains many items not covered by insurance that families might not anticipate needing when first diagnosed, but will be grateful to have at their disposal down the road. The actual medicine bags are produced by numerous tribes of indigenous people in Ecuador. They are crafted with extraordinary skill, intention and prayer. 

CCALS highly recommends the usefulness of a bi-pap machine, a cough assist machine and a suction machine. These items have been shown to be extremely beneficial in living with ALS.  Insurance generally covers the cost of these items. Our staff will be happy to discuss their use and utility. Please discuss the use of these items with your personal physician.

If you would like to provide a recently diagnosed ALS patient and their family with a CCALS Medicine Bag you can do so for a donation of $500. Click the button below to donate.

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